How to use Gbaze for recruiting agencies

Step-by-step tutorial for recruiting agencies on how to use to find candidates and clients:

Find candidates:

Gbaze is the best replacement for Linkedin Recruiter, cause you can search candidates by skills, education, experience, and keywords.

Let's find Python developers from Toronto, who have experience in fintech:

1. Create a list of contacts

Go to

and create a list, where you will collect your candidates:


2. Search candidates by 20+ filters

Go to

You can play with filters to find ideal candidates.

Click the Grab All or Add button to add prospects to the list. When you add a contact to the list, the system automatically verifies emails and filters risky or not relevant emails.

3. Download list data to CSV

Go to

and find your list.

When email verification is finished, you can download candidates with contact data to CSV/XLS and import it to any CRM or other products for engaging or collecting prospects.


Find leads:

Sales and marketing teams use our tool for prospecting. This is a good alternative for Sales Navigator and other databases with prospects.

So you can easily find prospects and collect a list for engagement via email and Linkedin outreach. 

There are several useful filters for recruiting agencies:

1. Hiring activities, on a company search page

2. Company headcount and department growth.

With these filters, you can find companies, who can be interested in recruiting services at the time.

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Author: Igor V.