How to find decision makers by companies

Step-by-step tutorial on How to find decision makers by companies in Gbaze.

1. Create a company list 

Go to


2. Find companies

In this search, I selected middle-size companies 10-50, 50-200 employees from the United States with Hiring activities and Marketing department growth of 5%-30%.

As we can see, there are 2.5K+ companies found. The limit for a company list is 1000 companies, so I decided to split the search to create several lists of up to 1k items.

You can play with filters to get up to 1k search results. In this case, I changed the filter to Marketing department growth of 5%-20% and got 200+ companies.


This is an excellent number to grab data.


Click and wait until data will be collected to the list.

As we changed the filter I decided to rename the list to Recruiting services (5-20% Marketing growth)

3. Create a contacts list 

Go to

4. Find decision-makers

Go to

In a Company section select your list and choose the positions or functions of your decision makers.

In my case, I selected the Human resources function to find people who are responsible in headcount growth.

5. Final steps

So now you can select the most relevant prospects and add manually to the list or Grab them all, by clicking the Grab All button.

Author: Igor V.