Monthly Unlimited

99$ 29$
Unlimited CSV export
Unlimited CRM export
Unlimited professional emails
Unlimited email credits
Detection of Linkedin open profiles
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Lusha and similar

Number of contacts 800M+ 750M+ >1B 250M+ ~200M-500M
Number of filters 25 27 30 20 < 15
Email Credits Unlimited 125 per month No email 200 per month 150-2000 per month
Phones Unlimited 50 per month No phones 50 per month ~50 per month
Export CSV Unlimited 150 leads No export 200 credits Depends of how many credits
Price starts from 29$ 59$ 99$ 59$ 39$


Need some more information to get started?

How many contacts in Gbaze?

Our database contains more than 800 millions of contacts with emails and phone numbers.

How to export contacts from Gbaze.

You can create custom campaign for contacts grouping and export them to CSV or directly to your CRM.

Can I verify email addresses?

When you add lead to your campaign, we automatically verify it end provide status.

Do you find email addresses?

Yes. Gbaze find professional verified email addresses.

How long does the free trial last?

You get 25 emails credits to try Gbaze.

How do I receive the results of my extraction?

A CSV file containing the results is directly sent to your email. You can also download the results within the platform.