Financial Wisdom Marketing Services, Inc.

Financial Wisdom is a marketing company offering financial institutions flexible content services built on providing financial tools, resources and information for consumers and small business owners. Financial institutions that demonstrate their understanding of the important issues facing consumers and then provide solutions can differentiate themselves and win the battle for the growing financial services business. Financial Wisdom can help in those efforts.

Are you looking for ways to differentiate your financial institution? Providing your consumers with great financial ideas and tips is sure to make a difference. Consumers want and need help. The economy, housing prices and market volatility have created an environment where consumers are uncertain about their financial security. They want to be empowered to make better financial decisions.

The role of the financial institution is broader and more vital than ever. Promoting products is no longer enough. Positioning your institution as a provider of solutions requires ongoing contact with consumers whenever, wherever and however they want. Providing relevant information is the ideal way to have ongoing contact. Useful content is a reason and means to communicate.

The Financial Wisdom library of financial literacy content is a comprehensive and flexible source for all your content needs. The CD-based library includes:

• 350 financial literacy articles in MS Word; General financial articles, insurance, retirement, home & residence, investing, income tax and estate planning
• HTML Content with online resource center templates
• 50 Podcasts – audio files with corresponding scripts if you wish to record your own
• Social Media Content – over 300 short introductions with links to corresponding articles or podcasts for consumers and small businesses
• Other content: electronic display, Q&As, Family Records Almanac, worksheets, calculators

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