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FSN International is one of the leading regional companies specialized in supplying agricultural and processed food products globally. With its base in agriculturally-rich western region of north Indian state Uttar Pradesh to supply world markets with domestically-grown and hygienically-processed quality food products and commodities including one of the finest and longest non-sticky basmati rice, fruits & vegetables, pulses, maize (corn), sugarcane based products, wheat etc., FSN International is fully equipped to serve every customer group, be it a multinational conglomerate or an independent trader, a multinational retailer or even a food manufacturer.

Its unique value proposition coupled with specialization in international business and supply-chain further enhances its distinguished market position. Transparency and Dedication are two qualities that perfectly represent the essence of FSN International.

The true measure of success is the company's commitment to exceptional service and delivery, quality of agricultural products, whole supply-chain function and long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty that it aims to achieve in the long run. Whilst international markets remain at the core of its strategy, the company is well positioned to place itself among the key international players in the agriculture sector and leading companies in the food supply chain business.

FSN International acknowledges the great potential the food industry of the nation in general and the region in particular has to offer the world. It is firmly committed to explore every possibility of representing regional and national agricultural and processed food products globally so as to offer its customers a wide range of product portfolio backed by a network of reputed suppliers from the region and country offering best products and its suppliers, especially farmers, a reasonable monetary return of their efforts and contribution to ever growing global food requirements.

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