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The FSM Statistics is the official statistics agency for the nation. It's roles are to collects, compiles, analyze and disseminate objective information for the government, for the private sectors, and for FSM people in all walks of life. Such information is useful for designing, evaluating and improving specific programs and policies. Even more important, it serves and continues to serve as a measure of the evolution of our society, economy, and environment.

Organized information has always been important in understanding problems, in aiding intelligent decision making, and in providing a means of learning from our experience. With the governments new national policies aimed at distributing its services fairly through out the country, it becomes even more important to have good information to be able to target limited expenditures to areas of greatest need.

FSM Division of Statistics is constantly expanding its efforts to make more and more of this information available freely through its dissemination means - it's publications, web site, and this network.
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