FreeYourSpace, LLC

We provide organizing and decluttering solutions for your home, farm or business in Suburban Maryland.

Closet chaos? Playroom pandemonium? Kitchen calamity? Grungy garage? We will work with you to organize and declutter any room in your home, attic to basement and everything in between, including the garage. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and will tackle outbuildings and barns too.
Paper piles instead of files? Together we will set up a solid filing system for important documents to ensure bills get paid and records are kept.
Selling your home? One of the smartest things you can do before you sell your home is to hire us to organize and declutter. A neat home will appear a lot more more attractive to prospective buyers.
Moving? Please don't waste money renting a Storage facility to store things you really don't need, or pay the movers more than necessary to ship stuff that no longer serves you. Partner with us to organize and declutter before it's time to go!
New place? We will help you to unpack boxes and put everything away to make the new place start to feel like home.

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