FOXWATER is specialized in effluents treatment from industrial origin, percolated also known as landfills leachate, ballast water, domestic sewage, reuse water, among others. Our main differential is the provision of personalized service, which is, we adapt the project to suit your need and your business.
The company started its activities in 1992 in the city of Campinas / SP, with emphasis on industrial water treatment (cooling and steam system) with two partners, Luiz Eduardo Paulino da Silva and Sidney Zanelly Júnior.

The first customers were OLIVETTI, MONROE, ZARAPLAST and VDO. The decree law nº1413 - 08/08/1975 - that disposed on the control of the pollution provoked by industrial activities was the first environmental legal instrument relative to industrial effluents.

With the improvement of the environmental legislation in Brazil and the increase of the inspection, companies began to look for companies and consultancies in this segment to help solve their difficulties (Federal Legislation - Legislation, State By affinities of areas to FOXWATER and by market demand, the company also migrated to this activity. The important thing is that it was with a new concept in the market.

FOXWATER has developed a MODULAR TRANSPORTABLE effluent treatment system which means carrying out the service, assembling of all the modular system required for the treatment of the effluent, making the operation, maintenance, laboratory analyzes for operation control, etc. .. This also included sludge dewatering with mobile system (Press Filter).It was the first company in Brazil to offer this service.

The new clients of the company in the provision of services in the Environment began to emerge that were: EDITÔRA ABRIL, ALBARUZ (current DANA), DRAGOCO (current SYMRISE), LEVORIM, 3M, WORTHINGTON, HUNTER DOUGLAS, PIRELLI, HERCULES.

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