Foxtrot Division

There is no more Waterfall. We are Agile. Release Early and Often. There are no functional silos. Everything is Connected. We are DevOps. Change is good, but must be controlled. "Just-Do-It" is the exception, not the rule. Everything has a ripple effect. Requirements are elusive, but worth the fight. Planning is everything. We play Chess, not Checkers.

We do not check boxes to satisfy security auditors. We expect to be attacked. Security is baked-in by design, not bolted-on. Open Source and Open Standards are our friend.

Form Follows Function. Design is a force multiplier, not a pretty afterthought. The Little Things…There is Nothing Bigger.

There are great triumphs and epic failures. Learn from both. Knowledge and intelligence are value-added. Cheap status updates are not. PowerPoint is a compliment, not an alternative to engineering artifacts.

Marketing propaganda is just a veneer. It will be shattered instantly if quality of product, and passion of the team are not supportive of it. Hire slow. Hire smart. Hire and fire based on core values. A resume is an out-of-focus snapshot. Potential is everything.

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