FORJAK Industrial

Since 2001, FORJAK Industrial has been a leader in the paint coatings and retail service call industries. We have experience with large globally owned corporations throughout the United States. We consistently provide exceptional quality workmanship and service to set ourselves apart from the standard commercial contractor. Here at FORJAK we do three things. 1) Coat large exterior box stores, warehouses & hangers and 2) Media blast and coat steel for industrial and petroleum applications 3) Provide non-mechanical service calls to box stores and retailers.

Our relationships allow us to understand their expectations and needs. In turn, we have become one of their preferred vendors for non-mechanical service calls, paint coatings and exterior rehabilitations. FORJAK Industrial thinks outside the box, which allows us to provide better, faster, and more cost-effective strategies unique to each customer.
In order to set ourselves apart in the painting industry, FORJAK Industrial has developed and designed the "B.F.F. System," which stands for Better, Faster, Finish. This state-of-the-art painting system offers significant labor reduction, diminishes human error, decreases safety concerns, and prolongs the life of your coating system. The B.F.F. was developed to change the conventional attitude of painting by inventing a "production" style approach in order to provide an exceptional finished product!

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