FOODWINGS is an online food ordering platform helping people find and order their favourite food from their favourite restaurants that deliver or offer takeaway. We have partnered with the finest restaurants so you can find and order delicious food online.

FOODWINGS offers an easy, fast and convenient way to order food online from home, office or on the road through our state of the art smartphone optimized website and desktop, offering an enhanced and simplified user experience making it making it easier to choose the best restaurant every time. With just a few clicks delicious food is on its way!

Our Purpose is to empower people to love their food experience. It’s about redefining how and where people enjoy food. We want to give people choice – from the range of food and type of restaurants available, to how they place, pay and receive their food. We continuously work with the finest restaurants in the city to bring exclusive discounts to the users so they can enjoy the food they love while also saving money for them.

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