Follett Boarding Co.

Follett Boarding Co. was started in Salt Lake City during 2012 to solve one problem. Design and produce freeride snowboards for riders with larger boot sizes. Follett Boarding Co. pays special attention to foot size. Heel and toe drag can be a significant problem for snowboarders with big feet. All of our snowboards are built around foot size. This makes sure that you get the narrowest snowboard possible while eliminating heel and toe drag at common stances angles.

Designing snowboards the right width allows our snowboards to run significantly shorter than traditional snowboard sizes. Shorter lengths make turning and spinning much easier. Swing weight is reduced so that snowboarding in trees or tight chutes is easy and a lot more fun.

If you have ever buried a 175cm wide snowboard in powder or tried to turn it in tight trees, you know how difficult this can be. Follett snowboard designs improve these snowboarding experiences and make chutes and trees more fun! From our material, to our shapes, Follett Boarding Co. is redefining wide snowboard capablity and durability.

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