Focus Local

Focus Local was created to support communities by helping nonprofits, schools, businesses and policymakers create opportunities to make the biggest local impact. Success can be measured by how our organizations respond to the needs of the community, so we can help answer questions like:

• Do our programs meet the needs of our community stakeholders?
• Are we networking with the right people and organizations to move our projects forward?
• Are there other needs in the community that our organization is well positioned to address?
• Do our programs align with potential funding streams?
• Are we developing programs and identifying funding streams that align with our mission?
• How can our organization be a change agent in our community?

To provide leadership and support to organizations, Focus Local uses expertise in the following areas:

Community Engagement
Community Outreach
Youth Engagement
Child and Youth Development
Sexual Assault Prevention
Domestic Violence Prevention
Juvenile Justice
Parent Engagement
Program Development
Program Analysis
Program Implementation
Program Management
Professional Development
Strategic Planning

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