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Our Commitment
Focus Energy Group is committed to bringing you the best possible candidates. Our clients appreciate our ability to match the right person with the right opportunity, and rely on us to present them with key talent - the most talented candidates who will have an immediate impact for their organization. We are dedicated to placing top-quality executive talent at all levels. Attracting and hiring top-quality employees is essential in taking your organization to the next level. We approach potential candidates regarding your company's opportunity based on your specific needs and expectations.

The Focus Energy Group Process

AID – Working With Candidates

Build a process to establish complementary philosophies and goals to ensure a mutually rewarding relationship.
Establish a detailed process for overall project including executive search and the interviewing of candidates.

Find the best companies to target and contact potential candidates within those companies; recruit hidden key talent – candidates currently working but open to looking at career advancing opportunities.
Profile potential candidates; determine the best fit; filter the candidates down to the most qualified and present an Executive Comparison Summary.
Schedule all interviews; debrief both client and candidate to ensure the best fit.
Extend the offer or assist client with this critical step; help mediate salary, starting date and benefits.

Deal with the final details of the resignation process including counteroffers and relocation; maintain thorough contact throughout the entire process from start to finish.
Communicate with candidate after they have begun working; make certain both client and candidate are fully satisfied.

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