FOCUS ASIA JOINT STOCK COMPANY - a member of Omnicom Group

Founded in 2003, Focus Asia has built its strong heritage on Direct Marketing and CRM.

Since early 2015, we have re-positioned ourselves as an International Integrated Target Marketing agency to provide clients with innovative data driven marketing solutions, which leverage our capabilities on Digital, CRM, and Experiential.

Our methodology is to:
*Bringing all marketing [behavioral] data together and analyze them to target the most relevant customers; so as to
*Delivering more [personalized] experiences through creative marketing contents & activities; and to
*Driving [smarter] customer conversion, which result in engagement and sales.

We have been enjoying working in a team of young professionals who come from unique marketing backgrounds and experiences. We share a great passion on producing great works for our clients. We share talent and expertise. We share a philosophy of "Learning hard, Working smart, and Playing smarter". We live a different style of the agency life.

We understand and agree that Focus Asia is underway to be the market leading agency in data driven marketing so each of us, in everything we do, try hard everyday to build it an agency of best in innovation, best in practice, and be recognized by the regional award(s). We know we would make it one day soon and we welcome all the talents who are "young at heart" and "entrepreneurial at mind" to share that spirit and belief with us!