FixTunes is an app whose main goal is to fill those missing tags in your MP3s and add album art. If you want to, it can also organize your music in folders (artists, albums, year, etc.—you define the pattern). Finally, it can be used as a means to browse your music collection (e.g. the “Show All Albums” view displays all of your albums’ covers—a nice, visual way to walk through your music collection).

FixTunes runs on Windows and Mac(OS X, Windows XP, and Vista.)

The power behind FixTunes is a huge music database with information on over 4 million songs, albums and artists. FixTunes uses this database to look up the missing information in your songs (using the existing information) so you don't have to type it in. The database links to other music sources on the Internet, allowing FixTunes to download album art for your songs and give you one-click access to artist bios and additional catalog information.
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