Fiable General Trading Co LLC, a company which would help make peoples live better. We had a vision is to be recognized as performance leader by providing world brands and services of outstanding quality and values to the consumers. Our mission is to accomplished customers and vendors demand by capturing market brands equity while maintaining competitive pricing through utilization of an experienced sales and merchandising team.

Fiable General Trading is committed to provide brands and services of outstanding quality and value that improve the lives of the region’s consumers. Our products are;

- Dried Fruits
- Frozen Food
- Caned Food
- Fresh Food
- Bakery Ingredients
- Disposables Items
- Cleaning Items
- Laundry Chemicals

We are Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) suppliers specialized in above mentioned products with procurement base in Dubai and Kabul. We partner with major Air and sea freight logistics operators to deliver orders on time. Dubai UAE and Kabul Afghanistan are our main functional regions with products from Australia, U.K, Germany and many other countries We also supply customized products within the leisure, transport and hospitality industries across the globe.

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