Everyone knows that marketing on the major social networks like Twitter and Facebook is effective. But the challenge is getting the most out of social marketing without it taking most of your time. Here's the secret to social marketing... it's all about attention.

If you have the attention of your fans and followers, you can create a consistent flow of targeted traffic to your website. Want to know how to get the attention of your fans and followers? It's easy, just be there... all the time.

If you consistently share great content with your audience, then you will begin to capture, and retain, their attention.

But who has time to sit on manage social network content all day, every day?

With Feed140, you don't have to sit in front of your computer or on your mobile device all day in order to be an effective marketer. Our unique online software allows you to drip-feed updates to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so you can maintain a consistent presence without having to actually be there... all the time. Better yet, we also help you add content to your drip-feed queue automatically.

Sound good? It is! But don't take our word for it... give it a try yourself -- a basic account is Free!

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