FDS Global

Founded in 2007, FDS Global is led by CEO and Founder, Dr. Robert D. Moody.

We are a boutique international firm specializing in digital consulting and forensics services to the legal community, corporations, civilians, and Governments.

FDS Global has a history of successes helping clients with a complex range of technical matters including but not limited to: computer forensics, retrieval of records and acquisition of data that are thought to be lost or damaged. When adversarial claims are made, we can locate artifacts and find the truth in the data.

We offer highly-specialized services, applying our expertise in technology and the law. This allows us to provide real solutions for the legal and business community dealing with techno-legal issues.

We have experience in over 250 industries from Financial, Geologic, Aerospace, and more.

For more information on FDS Global and its select services, visit our website: http://fds.global

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