FCO AGRITRADE (Pty) Ltd is founded and created by Friedrich Olwagen, the Managing Director and Owner of the company and opened it's doors on 27 November 2017. Being in the grain industry for more than 17 years, farming with his parents till 2008 and working for three major grain companies in agriculture gave him the opportunity grow and develop his passion and skills for agriculture.

In 2016 he had multiple visions and dreams of opening his own trading company, until October 2017 where everything changed and the dream became reality.

The company started off with grain trading and arbitration services and it were the main focus of that time of the business. March 2018 we entered into a whole new world of green renewable energy and added the Energy Brokerage into the business model because it made sense and it is not limited to residential and industrial parks only, but it includes agriculture, mines and many more. FCO AGRITRADE then signed up with five reputable solar companies to be an Independent Energy Broker, supplying and marketing Green Renewable Energy Solutions to the world through them to give an extra service to his clients and customers. We also added bulk diesel and oil supply to our energy division.

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