Fab UK

Fab UK is the online marketplace for discovering everyday design.
Fab exists to make you smile.

Great design is a lifestyle
Our entire reason for existing is to empower more and more people to embrace great design. Great design is everywhere. It's that perfect pencil, your favorite messenger bag, the headphones you use at the gym, the chair you're sitting at while reading this, and the art on your walls. Great design exists in every country in every product category and at every price point. We eat, sleep, and breathe design.

How you fit in
We empower consumers to discover design inspirations. We believe that great design should be approachable and affordable. We work with manufacturers and designers to source best-of-breed products and make them available at great value. We bring consumers and suppliers together to integrate great design into the lives of more people.

Fab.com represents our collective inspiration
Inside you'll find our philosophy for brilliance in design, our influences, products we love, and ideas that drive us.

Have fun
If it's not fun, it's not worth doing. We aim to make the entire process of exploring, discovering, sharing, and shopping for great design more rewarding and enjoyable than ever before. And, it's always fun to save some money on a great find.

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