Dynamic Loan Solutions

Why work with us? Dynamic Loan Solutions offers solutions and advice to anyone who asks free of charge. Our initial consultation and analysis is thorough and precise. Our trained specialists will let you know what we believe you will qualify for and suggest the best way to handle your current mortgage problems.

Not everyone qualifies for a loan modification. Why would you pay someone else to tell you that you are denied? You want the strength of our attorneys and processors behind you while your modification becomes a reality. Dynamic Loan Solutions wants to make sure that homeowners stay in their homes. That is why we provide a 100% modification guarantee in writing. If we accept your file and can't obtain a modification offer from your lender, you will receive your money back... Yes, you get 66% of your money back and we keep only enough compensate us for our time.

Dynamic Loan Solutions' specialized agents, legal expertise, and customer service are unmatched. We provide customized personal attention to your individual situation and we emphasize customer support and long-term solutions for our clients.

In addition, Dynamic Loan Solutions has the resources, ethical standards and legal expertise that wholesale lenders can't offer, which translates into significant benefits to you, our client.

Our bottom line objective is to help distressed homeowners and to save their home. It all begins with a Needs Analysis that will provide our Processors/Loss Mitigation Specialist/ Attorney and etc. With insight into your specific situation, If we are confident that we can help you, your file will be assigned to one of our affiliates who will present your case to your lender. There are a number of options for distressed homeowners and Dynamic Loan Solutions specializes in determining the best route for you.

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