DG Instrumentation Ltd.

DG Instrumentation Ltd. offers the following services worldwide for glow discharge mass spectrometry (GDMS) VG9000 and Astrum instruments:

Analytical support
Service contracts
Preventative Maintenance
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For a quote, please contact us at deann@dginstrumentation.com

About us:
Glyn Churchill first began working with the VG9000 as part of an engineering degree, which then lead to a full time position as a development engineer focusing on GDMS and ICP. He worked in this capacity for almost 15 years before being recruited by a large contract lab, specialising in GDMS analysis. There he expanded his GDMS development portfolio to include the Astrum and the Element GD as well as the VG9000. After almost 10 years with the contract lab, Glyn moved on to working with the manufacturers for the GDMS instruments as a lead development engineer for their GDMS instruments.

DeAnn Barnhart was first introduced to the VG9000 as an analyst at a large contract lab, specialising in GDMS analysis. As a lead analyst at this company, DeAnn became one of the first to use the Astrum in its full analytical capacity. A few years later, DeAnn was invited to work with the manufacturers of the GDMS instruments as an analytical and applications scientist to explore the instrument's capabilities with new materials and innovative analysis methods.

Together, Glyn and DeAnn have over 40 years of combined experience with GDMS, encompassing both the instrument manufacturing and design as well as the performance and application.

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