DatePerfect, Inc.

Using machine learning and love to be the central hub for all consumer services in the dating industry. Find, review, compare, and sign up for ALL dating sites, matchmakers & coaches, professional profile writing services, and more.

DatePerfect has been busy over the last couple of years. For context, we have 10,000 web pages listing 4,000 dating sites across 120 niches with more than 1M consumer reviews and 1M words of human-generated content. It's all powered by our proprietary API, housed on our sub-brand,, where many of our data initiatives reside.

DatePerfect is a media channel & marketplace that provides tools & resources for daters and industry service providers to support the dating experience. DatePerfect brings trust and accessibility to the dating process in order to facilitate safe and meaningful connections in the age of tech.

All this is accomplished in the leanest way possible, largely using a network of freelancers in 23 countries. We are still, of course, at our core a scrappy bootstrapped startup.
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