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Allegiant Experts can support your organization by bridging the disciplines of law and medicine to ensure your success. While attorneys are experts on legal issues, we provide experts on nursing practice and the health care system. Allegiant Experts supports attorneys and special investigation units by screening cases for merit, assisting with discovery; conducting existing literature and medical research; reviewing medical records; identifying standards of care; preparing reports and summaries; reviewing claims submissions; and locating or acting as an expert witness. Our consultants act as a specialized member of the litigation or investigation team whose professional contributions are often critical to achieving a fair and just outcome for all parties.

Allegiant Experts are experts in their field and can help support audits and compliance as well as education and training initiatives. Our experts have been providing expert clinical services for over 15 years and can help your team by bridging the disciples of medicine, coding and billing to ensure accurate payment and data is achieved.

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